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Get Togethers


A mini get together at Mike's Bar and Grill, June 20, 2013: Gerry Danzey, Jerry Walters, Larry Froehlich, Sparky Adams and Lloyd Foster.



A few of us got together Saturday May 25th (Memorial Day weekend) and some also attended the "End of an Era" open house at the high school:

Left to right; Craig Mathis, Kathy Gregg Beckman, Larry Froehlich, JoAnn Ciresi Allen, Chuck Stehman, Gerry Danzey, Tom Allen, and Sparky Adams in front.

Mini Reunion (November 2012)

Rich Starn, Gerry Danzey, Tony Shiros, Bruce Donald, Jerry Walters


Some pictures from the April 7th, 2012 get together at the PERK-cUP CAFE in Berea.


Jerry Walters, Larry Vassel, Terry Finefrock (Pete's wife)

Lynn Fritz, Charles Jandecka, Ken Garver, JoAnn Ciresi, Tom Allen

Phil Toomey, Kathy Gregg, Gerry Danzey

Pete Finefrock, Pete Kouris





Some pictures from the April 16th, 2011 get together at the PERK-cUP CAFE in Berea.


Charles Jandecka (class of '66) may have been the last BHS graduate at the Book & Bean!  He stopped to get coffee on their last day of business, 12-31-09.  We will miss the Book & Bean!   Thanks for sharing the picture!

Pre-holiday lunch in Berea, December 2009


Lloyd Foster. Sparky Adams, Bob Skoczen, Gerry Danzey,


Charles Jandeca, Barb Mahannah Foster

Book & Bean gathering was held on October 17, 2009

Marena Belfi,  Kathy Gregg, Charlie Jandecka, Larry Froehlich, Linda Haber, Craig Spangler, Mary Lou Belfi, Chris Rodgers, Sparky Adams

Kris Rodgers, Sparky Adams

Bill Gear, Kathy Gregg

Maena Belfi, Linda Haber, Judy Werwage, Mary Lou Belfi


Lunch in Hudson, August 2009:

Gerry Danzey, Lloyd Foster, Dee (Tassone) and Chuck Richie, Larry Froehlich

Lunch in North Olmsted at Fat Heads: Vic Fetterman,

Gerry Danzey, Larry Froehlich, Joann Ciresi Allen, Kathy Gregg Beckman, Tom Allen

June 2008


Book & Bean (in Berea) 

A mini, last minute Book & Bean gathering was held on May 17, 2009 when Larry Lehlbach was in town for a short visit:

Phil Toomey, JoAnn Ciresi Allen, Larry Froehlich, Gerry Danzey, Buck Edwards, Larry Lehlbach, Dennis McCafferty, Tom White

Buck Edwards, Larry Lehlbach and Larry Froehlich bowled together in the early sixties and their team won the Saturday morning junior league in 1963, so we updated the picture with the trophy with the help of Gerry Danzey (as Benny)!



Get Together, March 7, 2009. 

Gail and Candy Clemence

Tim Fitzwater, Gail, Candy

Sandy Blish, Willie Smith, Tim Fitzwater


Rich Starn, Craig Mathis

Gerry Danzey, Kris Rodgers 

Bonnie Brown, Sparky Adams

Wille Smith, Charlie Jandecka, Beth Gehring, Craig Spangler

Phil Toomey, Judy Werwage

Pam Hardy, Leslie Douglas

Larry Vasel

Tim, Candy, Gail, Rich

Charlie Jandecka, Jon Dregalla

Cookie Modarski, Candy Pincombe



February 20, 2009: lunch in Hudson (would you like to join us, next time?)

Larry Froehlich ('66), Gerry Danzey ('65), Mike Foster ('67)




Latest get-together; Decmeber 28, 2008 at Gerry and Pat Danzey's house.  Thanks for the hospitality!  Classes represented: 1965, '66, and '67.



Couch: Lloyd Foster, Jon Dregalla, Craig Mathis

Back row:  Larry Froehlich, Mike Foster, Sparky Adams, Gerry Danzey, Jerry Leszynski, Tim Fitzwater


Larry Froehlich ('66) and Gerry Danzey ('65), lunch, December 2008



The following pictures are from the November 8, 2008 get together in Berea at the Book and Bean, members of the Classes of '65 and '66.

Corky Wilchek Nosek, Craig Mathis, Sparky Adams

Jon Dregalla, JoAnn Ciresi Allen, Tim Fitzwater, Jerry Walters

Tim Fitzwater, Craig Mathis, Jerry Walters, Lanalee Hanley, Tom Nosek

Corky Wilchek Nosek, Lynn Fritz Hamilton, Larry Froehlich


Jerry Danzey, Craig Spangler

Craig Mathis, Terry Bardwell

Kathy Gregg Beckman, Tom Allen, JoAnn Ciresi Allen

Lanalee Hanley Scott

Tom Allen, Jon Dregalla, JoAnn Ciresi Allen

Tim Fitzwater, Jerry Walters, Tom Nosek, Corky Wilchek Nosek,  Lanalee Hanley Scott, Sparky Adams, Craig Mathis

Tim Fitzwater, Jon Dregalla

JoAnn Ciresi Allen, Craig Mathis, Corky Wilchek Nosek, Jerry Danzey

Corky Wilchek Nosek, Lynn Fritz Hamilton

Jerry Walters, Lanalee Hanley Scott, Tom Nosek

 JoAnn Ciresi Allen, Kathy Gregg Beckman, Tom Allen



This was a breakfast with Bruce Tillman ('66), Tim Fitzwater ('65), Larry Froehlich ('66), and Jon Dregalla ('66) 


Wendy Mathis ('66) and Bill Smith ('65)