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10/28/08 07:14 PM #1    

Shirley Martin (Novotny)

Well it is great to know their is a great website to go to for our class of "65". Now lets get some people to send in there comments. It's would be nice to know what everyone is doing these day's now. Hope to hear from some of you in the furture.

12/01/08 08:39 PM #2    

Larry Lehlbach

Glad to get the card from Larry Froehlich. This is a neat website and I too look forward to more contact with classmates from the class of "65."

12/10/08 11:41 PM #3    

Richard Starn

Thanks for the web info card. I get back to Berea about once a month. I'll have to check out that Book & Bean. The wife loves her coffee. After all these years the people still look friendly... a bit seasoned but friendly. Remarkably I remember them. This is an easy way to stay in touch. 43 years wow!!!
GO BROWNS "Well maybe next year"

12/12/08 12:09 PM #4    

Donna Alvarez

I did hat check just to see Judy on stage. I loved Finnian's Rainbow!
I thought the jazz ensemble was pretty good too. Who were those guys? Anyone remember?

12/14/08 01:25 PM #5    

Gail Clemence (Schutzler )

Merry Christmas to all our fellow classmates and so nice to see people posting some thoughts....we are getting by up here in the Thumb of Michigan but winter has come early this year and I am looking South for some R & R (soon). We have a daughter in Charleston, SC, and a son in West Palm Bch. FL, so they are two of my destinations.
If anyone ever gets North to the shores of Lake Huron give me a call. Hope to upload some photos of my family one of these days if I can figure it out.

12/29/08 01:20 PM #6    

Gerald Danzey

Gerry Danzey

Thanks to all the guys that came to mine and Pats home.We had a great time. (Pat went shopping). I don't think we can ever run out of old stories to tell. The more people that show up the more new stories to hear. That's fun. Sparky Adams told the best story of the day, but they were all good. I won't give up Sparkys story. If you want to hear it you will have to ask Sparky.

Creig Mathis was dissapointed that none of the ladies of our class or other ladies, except my wife were present! So the next time they will be invited along with the significant others as well!! That can happen this summer. Lots more room outside that way. See yah all!

Gerry Danzey

01/10/09 04:43 PM #7    


Larry Froehlich

Any one remember:

Wildwood Lake;
the dances after the football games;
pep rallys on Fridays;
what class you were in when you heard President Kennedy had been shot;
dances at the American Legion Hall;
hanging out on the Triangle;
cherry cokes at Gray's Candy Kitchen;
did any of you paint the wood building in the back of the school;
the park had a curfew and you could get locked in (oops)!

01/12/09 09:29 PM #8    

Trish Russell (De Cordova)

Hi Gang, I have some really funny prom photos that I'll try to upload to the site.

01/13/09 11:49 AM #9    


Larry Froehlich

Trish, if you e-mail the prom photos to me, I'll put them on one of the main pages otherwise you'll only be able to put them on your profile file. Sounds like fun! Let me know what you think!

Larry Froehlich

01/27/09 08:50 PM #10    

Gail Clemence (Schutzler )

Come on you guys, get busy and make some comments on the great thing Larry did for all of us. It's been a while since the last reunion and it's so nice to catch up with everyone on line. It's winter for most of us and where better to spend some time then on the computer. So good to hear from so many and see what everyone is doing. I've contacted several more and hope they get their info on for us all. Have a great winter and hope for an early spring.

02/01/09 04:10 PM #11    

Dick Curtner

Yes, Larry, I definitely remember what class I was in when the loudspeaker announced to all of us of President Kennedy's assassination. I was one of thirty or so classmates in Miss Jefferies' (?) American History class. Anyone remember being in that class? And maybe the correct spelling for our teacher's name?

02/09/09 09:17 AM #12    

Patricia Reed (Philips)

I too thank-you for a wonderful website. I'm having fun reconnecting with people. I remember cherry cokes but preferred the chocolate ones. I remember riding my bike in the park - couldn't do that today. I was in band when I heard about Kennedy. It was a hushed bus ride home that day.

02/10/09 06:15 PM #13    


Larry Froehlich

Dick (3 notes up) Miss Jefferis..........I had to look her up in a yearbook! I remember having Mr. Dulmage for History! He was pretty tough as I recall!

When the Kennedy announcement was made I was in Math class. Sure doesn't seem like 45 years ago to me!

02/16/09 09:04 PM #14    

Dick Curtner

Miss Jefferis. OK, I was close. I vaguely recall Mr. Dulmage's name but I'm petty sure I was happy to be in her class instead of his! That was an easy question for me: Can you think of a more "appropriate" class to be in than American History?

Something else that was very timely for our class was the Civil War centennial. The War between the States started in summer of 1861 and ended in the spring of 1865. There were lots of Mathew Brady photographs of the Civil War in the National Geographics. And I recall visiting an underground railroad site somewhere back in junior or senior high. The bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth was last Thursday. I think we were lucky to have witnessed both historical landmarks.

02/23/09 07:18 PM #15    

Donna Alvarez

Thanks, Dick Curtner, for the Photos in the Supplemental Site. Did you notice all the traffic downtown Berea(1963)? Not like today!

02/24/09 12:09 PM #16    

Dick Curtner

Well, Donna, here we are out in New Mexico and only you, Larry and myself played the game. Maybe we need to try something else. Maybe a survey to see who actually reads the messages in the forum.

Change of subject: I watched a little of David Letterman last night and he had ten ideas to fix the economy. One was to sell New Mexico back to Mexico! Might work but I don't think Mexico has the cash. Have you ever met someone who thought New Mexico was still a part of Mexico? I have and they were from Ohio! So maybe this is an idea: Just write about somehing funny to share. And let's see who plays the game.

02/25/09 01:20 PM #17    

Donna Alvarez

My coworker was to get computer parts sent thru' UPS when it turned out to be one big mess. After contacting their hub in NY several times, the UPS rep. appologized to him because someone thought NM was another country.
I told a friend in Berea that I was going to NM, and he asked me if I had my passport in order. EE! Ola!?

02/25/09 05:48 PM #18    

Dick Curtner

Well, Donna, that's even better than mine! Chances are no one else has the experience of living in a state with this kind of notoriety! Maybe we shouldn't even say that it's the Land of Enchantment. Would they believe it anyway?

03/26/09 09:13 PM #19    

Gail Clemence (Schutzler )

ANyone interested in working toward a 2010 reunion why not get intouch with Lana. It would be fun to network and put something together for our 45th. gail

04/04/09 04:04 PM #20    


Larry Froehlich

Donna, you win! It is Sue Winklbauer! Great job! If there are other old pictures out there, please share them with us! Thanks, Larry

05/19/09 11:50 PM #21    

Dennis McCafferty

Donna, I see Joan every so often, she lives in Olmsted Township on Adele Ln. When I see her next, I'll let her know your looking for her

05/20/09 04:53 PM #22    

Donna Alvarez

Great, Dennis! Thanks. I know you worked with her. I know she's been seen here and there, Democrat arena. I guess it's me who's been gone way too long. I would love to hear from her.

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